Cocreative & Inclusive Business Model

The Matrix-Q Co-creativity Knowledge suggests an inclusive approach to business.

Matrix-Q Tools for holistic, systemic and strategic management have integrated already :

  • Matrix-Q Skills, Effectiveness & Family-Life-Work Balance.
  • Project Management
  • Assessment Tools
  • Leadership, holistic, synergetic and systemic management tools.

The inclusive approach focus on skills, applied as necessary on a set of 9+ levels of impact or system in which human individuals, families, organizations and nations need to solve challenges.

Starting inclusive action at the individual level, when through self-knowledge and self-exploration the individual discover and master both male and female skills, adding value and capacity as for communication, collaboration process with any other gender.

Effectiveness enhancement is one of the desired results.

At a second level of the systemic approach, the ability to include, through awareness of the human capital resources (skills, talents, available for the development of the business process) is the next step. In this case including not only own individual male and female skills, but as well the male, or female, individuals that join a team and are part of the collaboration and decision making process at all levels of the system.

Cocreation at this stage should be a skill achieved at individual level, which follows the principles naturally applied by co-parenting, when both male-female skills cocreate and sustain, protect and enhance, the natural conditions necessary for the sustainability and development of the family; in this case, such ability will be exported and applied into the business and collaboration process.

In simple words, the ability of co-creation is natural and instinctive to human beings. When the skills for cocreation are well educated, and the necessary tools and foundation knowledge are available, cocreation takes place spontaneously and effortless.  (The challenge to be faced is that of individual ability to perceive value in cocreation, result of the perception of family and cocreativity skills as assets of the human capital)


Ever stage and aspect of the chart below need to be implemented carefully and wisely, as any change or adjustment made in an organization without the necessary tools, knowledge and skills, and assessment of case, may result on detrimental consequences for the business or organization. (See advanced challenges and simple solutions for examples)