Family & Relationship Sustainability

A sustainable love relationship means the ability to hold on together, facing challenges and learning curves, changes and personal development, for as long love is present in the relationship.

Family sustainability refers to the ability of the family members to enhance the foundations that nurture the bond and resilience ability of family (members), making it possible for family members to respond to challenging conditions successfully.

Stress points for family sustainability may frequently appear associated to individual success, interests or preferences; and how skillful or wise are family members at solving the challenges they face without jeopardizing family bonding stability and sustainability.

A simple example would be the necessary set of choices love partners need to take, in terms of commitment, that enable a long term process of communication, collaboration, investment of resources, time, cocreation process as for achieving common goals. Starting by acquiring the free time necessary for leisure and enjoying from each other presence, getting to know each other and accordingly committing with further stages in their relationship.

The next stage known as parenting, would then mean a greater investment and the need of development of decision making guidelines that will ensure the protection, maintenance and enhancement of family skills and conditions for achieving a sustainable relationship and sustainable way of living.

Family and relationship sustainability are skills that if present in the individual will enhance communication, collaboration and cocreation process at work, as well as leadership and management of the human capital and business process.